Welcome to the Manx Ringing Group site

The Manx Ringing Group operates across the Isle of Man in the British Isles. It does not cover the Calf of Man, which is the responsibility of the Calf of Man Bird Observatory.

This site has been set up to hold details of the bird colour-ringing projects of the Manx Ringing Group. Some of these projects are also used by the Calf of Man Bird Observatory.

Colour Ringing Projects
The colour ringing of birds aims to allow the study of individuals without the need to recapture them in order to identify them. Colour rings can be read on the bird ‘in the field’ enabling the individuals to be identified and thus allow us to build a picture of what they do and where they go during their whole lifetime. This results in higher value datasets covering individual bird’s whole lives.
The Manx Ringing Group has several colour ringing projects. Our long-running Chough colour ringing project in partnership with the Manx Chough Project continued. Our ‘Large Gull’ project, covering Herring Gull, Lesser Black…